Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Always Thinking

I'm always thinking. Always.

I think God must have put me here in this home. And he is working on me here. Even when I don't quite like how everything is. I've wanted to not live here, mainly so I could be closer to town or more like most of the people I met. But, now, I like it further from town and I think, no matter what, I'd really never be like all the people I meet. Hopefully, I can just meet a few people who appreciate me for who I am. That would be a true blessing.

God's been working on me a lot with contentment and with being more full of encouragement to others.

Jon and I were watching the Duggars here recently. Now, when we share this with most people, it's like they just disconnect. No, we don't want to be just like the Duggars. Some of their rules just aren't for us. And, really when you read the New Testament, it's really clear that if we put our faith in rules for salvation or for a means to blessing, that we are seriously deceived. By grace alone, through faith, but that faith not of yourselves...that's something I've been learning.

Anyhow, I was encouraged by watching the Duggars just how positive and encouraging they are. Really, to me, they aren't legalistic in the slightest. Sure they have a lot of rules more than I would have, but they are so positive about them and never do they use those rules to make themselves more important.

This is one thing I got from the show, but from God speaking to my heart too:

"Teach the why and the how, not just the what. And...praise should be lavish and public, correction should be quiet, thoughtful, and private."

Good stuff. Oh, that I could just do that...with everyone I meet.