Monday, September 24, 2012

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

It continues to be a beautiful and warm September here in the Pacific Northwest. Almost all of our plants have continued to ripen, which is good because our Spring here in the Northwest was rainy and cold. This year I've come to the realization in life I have to just get done what I can get done and rejoice in the progress I've made even if my life doesn't look all together. My husband has been dedicated to doing some work on our house this summer and as such all his time has gone to projects this summer. He has had very little time to join me in the garden. The garden is full of weeds. But, our plants are still peeking up above them and we have some harvest. We've had crookneck squash, strawberries, raspberries, celery, a little broccoli, green beans, some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. Also, last year I planted some heirloom roses. I've been tending them all summer, even if unperfectly. Again, my flower beds have weeds. Yet, to give me credit, we have a huge yard, huge flower beds, and I don't like to use spray or bark. I'm trying to fill in the bare dirt with flowers. And, I get behind. That's OK. It's a good lesson to learn to be OK with that.

We put the big girls to work yesterday painting. Here they are:

My husband has been busy fixing our roof. The installer of our house didn't put flashing all the way down on the roof joints and so water pools at the end of the barrier that is down and leaks badly into the house. It's been an issue for years. My husband has taken on learning to properly roof this year and has gone and replaced the section where the roof comes together.

My oldest born daughter (if you read my blog you know I have an older step-daughter), the eleven year old, had no problem climbing up onto the roof and walking around on it. I myself would have a problem with that, but she is a dare devil when it comes to heights, and is very sure footed.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Ahhhh. We've been busy. My girls are enrolled in a new homeschooling program this year and as such I have to keep very good track of their schooling. It's been a transition, but, so far, I don't think it is one I regret. Obviously, if I were impinged upon to teach school in a certain way, then that would be different. But, it's my desire to teach my children a well rounded education anyhow complete with other viewpoints, although a fair amount of sheltering is a good thing in my boat.

Here is a poem/story my oldest girl wrote today. I liked it, so I had to share:

One Morning When I Awoke

One morning when I awoke, I lay upon my bed. I heard the birds twitter and the laughing brook. Then I turned and saw the window: the trees were swaying in the wind, the sky was turning blue. The beautiful sunshine filled my room, the birdsongs getting softer...and then I turned and saw my clock, it said t'was four till noon.