Friday, September 21, 2012


Ahhhh. We've been busy. My girls are enrolled in a new homeschooling program this year and as such I have to keep very good track of their schooling. It's been a transition, but, so far, I don't think it is one I regret. Obviously, if I were impinged upon to teach school in a certain way, then that would be different. But, it's my desire to teach my children a well rounded education anyhow complete with other viewpoints, although a fair amount of sheltering is a good thing in my boat.

Here is a poem/story my oldest girl wrote today. I liked it, so I had to share:

One Morning When I Awoke

One morning when I awoke, I lay upon my bed. I heard the birds twitter and the laughing brook. Then I turned and saw the window: the trees were swaying in the wind, the sky was turning blue. The beautiful sunshine filled my room, the birdsongs getting softer...and then I turned and saw my clock, it said t'was four till noon.