Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's been an untypical winter so far. Fairly warm, as far as winter goes, I suppose, but mainly less rainy than most winters for us. It seems like at least half the days have been dry. For the Pacific Northwest, that's something. Today, it snowed. We were hoping for more, but the kids still have a lot of fun, even if their only playing in a half inch.


My little girl really enjoyed the snow. It's fun to see her excited about the snow. I remember taking her out to the snow when she was two and she just stood there. She's four now, and boy what a stark contrast. I must say she's quite the crazy girl.


Sometimes it just takes too long to find her own boots, so she puts on her sisters.


My middle girl playing outside. I love the cherry redness to her cheeks.


This rooster and hen are enjoying the weather before the snow. Mainly they hide out in their coop during snow.


The clouds have been really colorful during the sunset lately.



My little man has been getting really big. He enjoys any chance he has to be outside.