Monday, June 18, 2012

Farm Animals

We keep adding to our collection of farm animals. Our latest addition are goats, Clary and Eleri (the baby is Eleri).




Our turkeys are growing too. This is the third year we've done turkeys. They are a bunch of fun. They always want to play follow the leader.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

On The News Front

On the news front. We have some goats coming soon. The white one will be mine. The spotted one my oldest daughter's goat (in celebration of her 11th birthday).


And, my oldest girl broke her arm. Or, at least they think she broke it. The x-ray didn't show the break for sure. So, she may be dancing at her ballet recital with a cast on, or she may be missing it, or maybe, just maybe she might get her cast off, after only a week. But, she's off chore duty and limited dance and off violin. She's really missing violin. She asked if we could hold up her violin so she could play open strings (notes that don't need the fingers).


And, we got my little one a cello. Well, we're renting it right now. I'm hoping my oldest daugther's violin teacher doesn't mind teaching my little one cello a little (he teaches both), since my oldest daughter can't make it to her lesson. I talked to him about the possibility of starting my little one coming up soon, but made no definite plans. I figure, I will figure out some teacher who will take her if that doesn't work. So, we have three playing strings. My little girl couldn't be happier. She looks like a cellist doesn't she?