Monday, May 24, 2010

School Done?

It's always been strange for me to read other's blog this time of year, and hear that so many of you are done with school for the year. I have to remember that across the country the school year varies a lot. Many of you start back in August. And, it's my understanding in Alaska, that they just don't have very many days off in the middle of the school year (so they can take full advantage of the warm, bright summers). Here our local schools start after labor day. Our school district's enrichment classes for homeschoolers - run October-May, so we are still finishing those up. And, our baby comes mid August, so I really don't intend on resuming schooling until October.

In the future, anyhow, I think I intend on instituting year round school, not in the scary government indoctrination way where they want our children for more hours of schooling, more days of the year, but just in a count up at least 180 days and document them and whenever they fall so be it. That provides more time for outings during the right time, weather and schedule wise.

Just my thoughts...


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