Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Time

I have definitely not had time to blog lately. We are really enjoying our family, our home, and our homeschooling here lately. It's just with a crawling baby and a three year old in the house, I don't get time to write. Yet, I want to...these memories are precious and wonderful.

My oldest turned 10. I can't believe she's 10. So big. Soon she'll be grown, where does the time go? I'm especially aware of how quickly time goes because I went up to the Seattle area to visit an old friend and her daughter that I was especially close to before getting married. She is eighteen and is graduating from Highschool and is soon to marry. No way?!

The weather was wonderful that day...sunny and about 80 for a high. Perfect. It hasn't been too bad since either. It has rained, as is usual, but since it is June, it's a lot warmer. We haven't put in our garden yet this year (at least our warm vegetables) because the weather has been so behind so far, we've worried about doing that. We've also had problems with bunnies with some cold weather veggies we put the ground. We have a deer fence installed to keep the deer from eating our garden, but the bunnies....oh, my. My husband talks about hunting them. But, there are soooo many bunnies and my husband has little patience for hunting. We'll see...we may go without the bunnies favorite foods this year.


Here's a picture of my ten year old. We're going to celebrate her birthday this weekend, as her birthday fell on a Monday.


These are our kids and their cousins on my side of the family. Mine are the three girls in the front (ages 3, 7, and 10) and the one boy in the back (age 9 1/2 months).


This is my friend and I and her daughter that will soon be graduating and getting married.

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Holly said...

Such a beautiful family! Holly