Monday, October 15, 2012


We started our new writing curriculum today. My kids didn't get "which" clauses and how the clause needs to be connected with the first part of the sentence. They also didn't get how their sentences are supposed to make sense, or how to change the sentences to make sense, and I didn't get how to teach them without getting frustrated. I hope it gets better. My middle daughter usually has trouble writing things that make sense (she's great orally), which is one reason why we're doing Writing In Excellence. But, they are supposed to write from an outline and at least today, this actually made it harder for them, and I found myself completely exasperated as to how to explain to them what to do without telling them what to write. Writing is definitely the hardest subject for me to teach.


Carol G said...

I think the which clause needs to follow the noun that it is referring to otherwise it can be confusing as to what the clause is referring to. (ie "The hat belongs to grandfather which is brown and lumpy" is confusing as to whether it is the hat or grandfather which is brown and lumpy. The "which clause" should follow the noun being described). Am I correct?

As for the outline, have them look at it as a plan for paragraph or essay structure to help their paper to be complete and include all the main points they want to make. Explain that the outline just gives them a game plan so that when they are writing their paper they don't leave important things out. The sentences don't necessarily have to be complete and all the details don't have to be added, just the main points with "ticklers" to remind them what they want to write next when they are writing a paper.

Carol G said...

Thanks for your comments on the girls' friendships. I will try to show them these things. I like the way you explained it.

Cathy said...

Yes, thank you about the which clause! That makes sense. I had no idea how to tell them to fix their clauses - I only knew they were incorrect, which was frustrating to them. I'll try to reinforce with them that they don't need to use every word, that those are just ticklers to remind them what to write with the next assignment. Hopefully, it will go better.