Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Week

Art Time

Here is what my kitchen table looks like during art time. My children love art and nature, did I ever mention that?


Chicken For Meat

We decided to raise Cornish Cross chickens for meat this year. I figured we could raise them healthier than the chickens from the store. I'm not so sure anymore.

Sure, we give them organic feed for the last part of their life. We couldn't afford it for the whole time, that would make for some REALLY expensive chicken. Plus, you've got to give them medicated feed when they are little or they will likely die.

You know, beef is so much healthier if the animals are pasture fed. And beef can be fed exclusively pasture fed. The animals have much higher Omega 3 and lower cholesterol. Their fats are in balance - how nature (God) intended.

But, unlike our layers, these Cornish Cross won't free range. They are big and they don't stand up for more than about 10 steps. They look like they are going to have a heart attack. They just eat and eat and eat grain. You can't not feed a chicken grain - they need grain and they need a balanced diet - they have complicated feed needs. Anyhow, here is a picture of the Cornish Cross and then a picture of the (older by several weeks) Egg Layers. Notice the egg layers are constantly moving around - looking for something. Not the Cornish Cross. You open their "free range" pen and they don't even try to leave. Also, they aren't the most attractive creatures as I'm sure you will agree.





My Little One

Finally, here is a picture of my little one. She hardly deserves to be in the same post as those Cornish Cross. I just can't help but constantly take her picture - she is so cute. Her sisters agree.


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