Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Recital

You've been hearing all year about us going to dance. Last night was the recital. Oh, the girls were on cloud nine. Natalie wants to save her dance dress in plastic for posterity (like a wedding dress?). You know when things happen in your life where you just sense, there is no way I deserve this, God is just good to look out for us. This ballet studio is something like that. It's a Christian ballet studio where they teach classical dance. I knew "about" it for several years. But, I never knew how excellent their instruction was, nor how they teach the girls to give their hearts and minds and beings to serve Jesus. This school has a lower and a upper school. There were two different performances at the recital. I'm including pictures of both. 1a_tuesday_nat My Natalie 1a_tuesday_a This is from Natalie's Ballet 1A class. This little girl in the back plays soccer with Rachel. 1a_tuesday_e This is Natalie's little friend in Ballet 1A. I hope it works out for these girls to take the same class together next year. 3_ballet_girls_1a Here is Ballet 1A (Natalie's class) taking a bow. pre_ballet Here is Rachel's Pre-Ballet class doing some skips. Rachel is on the left. rachel's_pre-ballet_class This is Rachel's class coming out to take a bow. Rachel is on the left. 1a_tuesday_3_girls All Three Girls creative_cuties Aren't these little girls cute? pre_ballet_thursday ballet_1b upper_school_together temptation agony_and_hope_color at_the_cross_color redeemedT

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