Friday, October 2, 2009


I have some cow pics for you. These cows and our chickens too are such a part of our a pet. Of course the steers are for eating, so they aren't really the same as a pet. But, the cows are endeared to our hearts. Our girls are so big and strong for being around them. Everyone except Abigail who likes to hide her head when we bring her near.

The first picture I want to share with you is of Ruby and Jewel. Do you remember Jewel? Here she is last March:

Here is Mom and baby now.


Doesn't Jewel look like she needs to be weaned from her Momma?

The next set of pictures is of Little Ann. We may have to sell her... :-( ...but it isn't that sad because it's all working out well. My husband wants to switch over to Red Angus...which is great. I wasn't as fond of the Black Angus cows and the Pinzgauers aren't easy birthers. We'll still keep a few Pinzgauer Mommas(the red and white cows) Yeah! our most tame cows are Pinzgauers. But, in order to afford to buy more Red Angus Mommas we can't keep every Momma we have, we have to sell some. So, we might sell Little Ann. Little Ann isn't really little. We just call her that because she's the baby of Dora Ann (we didn't name her).

Here she was a few days old.

Here she is now. Isn't she gorgeous? For a cow, of course.




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