Thursday, October 15, 2009

God Knew

Before my oldest began Kindergarten I wasn't sure I would homeschool. I knew I didn't want to public school. But, we were thinking about private school. Natalie went to Preschool at the private school we were looking for our kids to attend. It was fun for her. Mostly it was play. She enjoyed it. I was attending MOPS at the time and other Mom there was a homeschooler. She shared with me her experience homeschooling. She recommended a couple of books. And she told me about the co-op she was attending. Natalie was still in Preschool at the time, but having those resources there at the time gave me confidence to try homeschooling. And, I enjoyed it. And, despite my shortcomings as a Mom, my kids blossomed and continue to blossom.

So, we've been homeschooling a little over three years now. I am just amazed at how God knew. I have one daughter that gets stomach migraines (or CVS - cyclical vomitting syndrome). It is better now that we know what they are, but during one spell (which would happen about once a month and last for various amounts of time), she kept nothing down for almost a week. One episode happened about a week before I had my last baby. I remember being in the Emergency Room with my daughter and how overwhelming it felt to need to be there for both my babies. One of my issues with pregnancy is that my pregnancies always went long, but still I thought, what if I go into labor early. What will I do? God knew. And, He knew about homeschooling too. Now, I can pretty much help my daughter avoid an episode by giving her Ibuprofen at the first sign. And, we have some stronger anti-nausea medicine to give to her if the episode goes further. Hopefully, no more ER visits to rehydrate her. Yet, what better environment for her to be in, than at home, where we can change her schedule around for one of those bad days. I pray for her healing and I work hard to take care of her well with a good diet, but still God knew. He provided extra grace for us, living in this clay vessels.

And, I have another daughter, that as it turns out has some developmental issues. Nothing that really stands out to anyone. I've debated about getting her diagnosed, but since I wouldn't want to medicate her, and since I've come up with ways of coping with some of her particulars, I've opted not to get her diagnosed. But, this daughter is a slow reader (but an enthusiastic one :) ). She still has potty issues and she is in the first grade this year. She enjoys repetitive things (and she's learned to do those in her room by herself). She's had speech issues, but only borderline. And, she can sometimes, especially if I or some other caregiver isn't 100% consistent with her, she can have a stubborn, angry streak. So, it's been hard. I think if it were clear what I was supposed to do, if it were clear she had a disability, I would find it easier to gather support. But, my point is, God knew. God knew that this little girl would grow in her love of learning with a laidback, read a lot to her, let her struggle in her own way, approach. School, I know, would have just been one frustration after another for her. 

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