Friday, December 25, 2009


I have no Christmas photos to share. They did not turn out to my liking. Darkness and I don't get along when it comes to taking photos. Then this morning there was great light, but there was a lot of glare too and I should have taken photos with the sun at my back, but I didn't.

My step-daughter Mariah is coming tomorrow. We decided not to open presents from under the tree until she gets here. So the girls had their stocking goodies to play with today. I made coffee cake for breakfast - half whole wheat and it was especially yummy. Rachel had her gluten free version from the gluten free store. We are pretty much all feeling sick again. Argh. I just felt better. Some kind of cold. I am, of course, praying we will all feel better soon - tomorrow morning would be great. The baby (well toddler) was QUITE GRUMPY today. She just didn't deal well with feeling sick today. But, she's so active she doesn't want to just be held - so there was a lot of whininess.

We are celebrating the birth of our Savior.

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