Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I have had such a great day today, on this lovely Christmas Eve. It was lovely and blue here this morning - crisp with lots of frost. Just a little ways away was a blanket of fog...which I was out in most of the day. This was probably where we got the fantastic frost from. My favorite part of today was that it didn't matter how crazy it didn't matter how gray and foggy it was...everyone was in a jovial mood. It made me want to smile.

Here is a secret...we took the morning this morning listening to Christmas songs and decorating the tree. No the presents are not all wrapped...although my children wrapped the ones they were giving. Many decorations are still out on the floor. And I need to make more Christmas cookies tonight. I made some for our business the other night and brought a few home, but tonight I need to make a few that are gluten free for my little gluten free girl. We don't do many Christmas cookies around here for two reasons. One) we have absolutely no self-control, and Two) they make us feel terribly ill. I actually feel guilty (can you believe it?) when I hear many of you talk of all the kinds of Christmas cookies you have made. If I could let them just sit there in front of me without indulging...I might do that too. Nonetheless, for the girls, we are making some cookies tonight.

Letting You All Know

I have neglected (for a couple days) letting you all know some WONDERFUL NEWS. Those gigantic BPA lines (the kind that feed a whole city) that they were proposing going in the length of our property have been dropped from the proposal (and they originally told us it would be two plus years till we would hear anything). We think they were dropped in part to lots of grass roots protesting...after all they weren't just going to affect us, but thousands of land owners. Isn't that an answer to prayer?

So, here are some pictures...not right on our property, but close enough I think to have had the prospect of potentially being impacted by those lines. Aren't these pictures gorgeous. And let me tell you that they just don't capture what I saw with my eyes. God is amazing.



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