Friday, March 5, 2010

Ab-O-Gail's Cuteness

Ab-O-Gail's Favorite Phrases

 Help, Mom. It's Hard.

It's Heavy, Mom.

I said, "No."


Seven. Eight.

I want daughter.  (Water)

Abo find Dachel. (Abigail is finding Rachel.)

I want to see it.

 Abigail's Favorite Things To Do

 Stand on the dining room table.

Stir the dinner skillet.

Put individual toys into about 100 individual plastic bag or plastic baggies.

Stir the cat's food with a kitchen spoon.

Repeat over and over and over again, "I want it."

Balance on boxes.

My Favorite Phrases Right Now

 You leave that alone.

I said, "No."

Don't touch.

Get down.

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