Friday, March 19, 2010

How things are going

I haven't seemed to post much lately. I haven't felt as creative in the sharing department I think. The pregnancy is going well. I don't have my official, detailed ultrasound for three more weeks. They couldn't schedule it any other time. In some ways I feel better than other pregnancies. But, I still feel nauseas a good part of the day, and dizzy some and sometimes quite achey. I think the achiness is often related to not getting enough sleep or taking my multi-vitamin. I tried a children's chewable and felt the same. If I get exercise it seems to help. The good thing this pregnancy is I've consistently exercised so far. So that's good and after I exercise I feel better.

I'm frustrated with my OB...not that I think there is anything really wrong with me, but you know I don't think he's a very good listener and doesn't take my personal knowledge to be worth anything. Well, I'm frustrated with at least half the doctors I ever go to, and for a while I worked as a coordinator in a medical residency training program. I just don't hold medical knowlege, especially in today's world, as being something they hold an exclusivity on. They see patterns more than a lay person. But, I think a good doctor (or at least one that I like) will see a lay person's knowledge as valuable.

Here's a picture of my little one after we were given some flowers by a gardener whose yard we were walking past, admiring. I have more photos on my photo blog that I haven't posted here, but a lot of boring Photoshop stuff too.


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