Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Much Happening

Really, not much has been happening around here – except for taking my daughter to the doctor, the persistent rain, and the kids normal activities – today was art and violin, tomorrow is dance.

I also think I’ve got to get my older daughter in to the doctor too because I think she isn’t hearing well and her ear hurts. She had an outer ear infection she got drops for. I’ll bet it never went away. But, she never told me. I told her today, “you need to tell me, you could lose hearing if you keep having ear infections”. My two older ones always have these quirky health problems going on with them and I’m always worried that the doctors think I am an over-worried mom – but the lives and livelihood of my children rest in my hands, so I guess what doctors think of me is less important.

I’ll finish my middle daughter’s story here soon. With the darkness of the heavy rains we’ve had here in the Northwest this May and the third trimester uncomfortability factor – I haven’t been taking pictures to go with my postings.

Here are some other observations from today:

"It’s a sad day for the cows today as they huddle against the fence line to attain some shelter from the winter-like rains by the neighbor’s 50 foot fir trees…even though the field is full of lusciously delicious green spring pasture they normally revel in. The frogs, however, are completely ecstatic, since they have found numerous new breeding grounds at the top of our property, rather than in the lowlands near the pond."

"Turkeys are funny. We moved them from the field to our yard because the chickens were pecking them. Now they are hanging out on our front porch “knocking” on the door because they want to be with us. Unfortunately, unlike a cat or dog, they don’t know not to do their business on the front porch."

"My kids are so excited (translation…hyper) today. I think it’s the schedule change and signing up for next year’s creative classes and buying next year’s music books. I’m in need of some routine. Natalie’s birthday this weekend. Good thing we just do family birthdays."

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