Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Like

It was finally Spring like today. More rain is coming next week, but at least with this stretch of rain, the temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 50's not lower 40's or lower. We had a little snow several days ago. But, none stick, so I didn't take a picture.

I asked my husband to dig up a couple of really bothersome bushes for me. He suggested doing it with his tractor, which I was a little concerned about (concerned the tractor would tear up the yard). But, surprisingly, especially considering how soggy it has been, the tractor barely left a trace on the shape of the yard. And, it was amazing how an hours plus worth of work (plus a lot if it were me) could be done in mere seconds with the tractor. It was like someone was merely scooting a little sand around in a sandbox with a little hand shovel. Flowers are planned for the location of the old, prickly, and ugly bushes.



Jon also finished putting doors on my greenhouse and now I finally have a fully functional and easily accessible greenhouse. Here is my blog entry from last year. Just picture the same greenhouse, a little longer, with wood doors on both ends. Unfortuneately, I didn't get any pictures for you today, but I will. My starts really aren't too amazing yet. Only a few have even germinated.

And, Jon and I finished pruning and putting up Marionberries (Oregon domestic variety of blackberries) and Raspberries. Also, Jon brought up compost to the garden. It will be our best garden year ever! I'm even hoping to get my first harvest of Kiwi. I've had them four years now.





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