Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sleep, Or Lack Thereof

Sleep, sleep, I need some sleep. Josiah is not very cooperative...albeit sweet...just knows with a certainty and persistence right where he wants to be. I tried to have him sleep in his crib last night. He ended up crying too long as I collapsed and fell asleep. When I went back in he had moved entirely to the other side of the crib and had his bundling off. It seems every time I would have him asleep and leave the room, he knew about it and started crying. His crying was sweet though, no edgy screaming like my first and third children. But, it still breaks your heart.

I'm wishing right now all the scary talk about SIDS and warnings from the drs. about not having babies in bed with you didn't scare me and cause me to wake up in a panic after I drift off feeding or cuddling him. I suppose having them in bed with you, if you aren't totally sold on the idea, would be difficult anyhow, because either you wait till their ready (age five or more?) or at some point you have to break them of it. This will all pass I know...And I will miss my newborn. Sometimes I just wish I could enjoy my newborn without the fog. But, such is life.

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