Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Time Is Flying By

The time is flying by. We are two weeks and two days out from the arrival of the only little man in our house. I know his Daddy is glad to have some other masculinity in our household. I'm settling in, sort of, although I can't say there has been a single day that has been typical. Originally, the plan was to have my oldest girl stay with me and Dad take the two youngest (really the middle two now - ages 7 and 2) while I recovered from the C-section. It never really happened that way.

The first day home, my step-daughter was here too and we determined it was important for the whole family to bond.

The second day I had a Mother/Baby appointment. My step-daughter went with me to that while everyone else waited in the car. I think it was a good experience for her.

Then, my friend came for a day, which was great fun. My husband got to get out and do something with his tractor (I can't remember what - Jon loves to do things on his tractor). Really, that day was a blur.

Then, it was the weekend.

Then, my Mom called and said she intended to come help. I had asked her to come at some point, but not been specific on when. She came for five days. It was good. Jon got to go to work and certain farm jobs. My Mom went the grocery store for us and she did some laundry and dishes and made dinner one night. She really bonded with the grandchildren I think. It was challenging too, just because she approaches life and the kids way different than we do. Really, the kids would have been more of a help, but they kept listening for Grandparent sympathies about the chores they were asked to do.

Now, we've had a second weekend. Then, yesterday, Monday, I had a baby doctor's appointment that Jon had to take me to. (I can't pick up the toddler now and I can't drive because of the C-Section.) That practically took all day. And, now, today, Jon has done "work" but in the morning, it was clearing a business property we badly need to sell. Now, this afternoon, he's running into work and taking the toddler. So, I get to do my blogging.

And tomorrow probably he'll work and take the toddler or the toddler and the seven year old, and we'll do our original plan.

By the way, we are sort of switching curriculum this year. Not really, but I decided to buy Robinson curriculum. My teaching has kind of been a combination of Robinson and Charlotte Mason, so this isn't entirely new. But, I wanted to get his product so that, at least for this year, I can simply follow his curriculum (adding a little of my own). It's self-teaching (which I totally agree with) and that will work well for me this year, while I figure out more what I want to do. I think I would do Sonlight, but it's expensive and some of it I think I would view as unnecessary twaddle. So, I'd have to analyze my curriculum anyhow, I might as well follow Robinson and analyze what I want to do on top of that, anyhow.

One of the things my husband is doing for me this afternoon is getting the curriculum put together so it will work on my computer (which is Windows 7 64 bit). One of our employees helped us get together the necessary file/s to run Robinson's Reader Program in 64 bit. It's so nice to have that resource.

Here are a couple of cute pics to share with you of our little buddy.



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