Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goings On


I have less than two weeks to go. I have a planned C-Section scheduled for the 15th of August. This part of my pregnancy has actually been easier for me, although my belly is certainly getting quite uncomfortable. Yet, pain from varicose veins doesn't plague me anymore, nor nausea, and my emotional life has been settling out. So, here I am at home, nesting, getting ready for baby...as ready as I'll ever be. This baby is my fourth (husband's fifth) and is our first boy. We're pretty excited (not that we wouldn't be if he was supposed to be a she). It's been fun decorating his room in BOY Stuff. OMG!

My One Kidney Girl

The other big thing that has been going on is testing for my one kidney girl. My middle daughter had an almost completely blocked kidney from the get go (18 week ultrasound). It was like an over inflated balloon and they removed it when she was 10-11 months old. Here, recently, she had a couple of kidney infections in her remaining kidney. Oh, no! So, we had issues with anti-biotics, getting an appointment soon enough with her Urologist, getting an out of network referral to a Pediatric Urologist (there are only two in our city), following up with her primary Urologist on anti-biotic issues, getting a Nuclear Renal Scan and a VCUG (the Kidney Reflux test) done, and soon to go and meet with the Pediatric Urologist (on the 10th of August - 5 days before baby is to arrive).

At the same time, I was questioning my Mom about whether she had any more Kidney infections (she had one once when I was on a trip with her), and come to find out she's had lots of them and that she had once seen a Urologist for them and he wanted her to take preventative anti-biotics, but she got an infection anyhow, and because she felt it was bad advice and a pain to get into him, she never went back to the Urologist, but rather to her general practioner. So, my Mom and I (my Mom is almost 70) are e-mailing back and forth about the necessity of getting the proper tests and her being followed by an actual specialist. I'm not sure I'm convincing her. It's hard, my Mom is very passive and I don't think she likes to have to be assertive with medical caregivers. I think that's why she's comfortable with doing whatever her general practioner says and no more. Ugggh. Well, we'll see. She can make her own choices, I know.


That's most of what's going on right now. Learning activities are taking a backseat this summer, although we've done a few here and there and the girls have still been participating in the Art and Ballet over the summer. It's been a cool summer. Our garden hasn't done well. I suppose that's OK. That's kind of what happens anyhow on the years when I'm pregnant. I have been enjoying all the light and warm (but not too hot) weather. It's been enjoyable.

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