Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finishing Things Up

We're finishing things up before the baby comes. On Sunday we had a birthday celebration for our middle girl. Her birthday is on the 19th. And on that day I will probably just be coming home from the hospital. So, the lucky girl got her birthday early.


The van got a thorough shampooing yesterday by my husband. And, I spent a bunch of time this morning cleaning my husband's work bench in the garage (of all things). Do you think cleaning your husband's area counts as nesting?

My middle girl and I had a doctor's appointment today. I have to say, I was hoping to like the whole experience more. But, alas, I did not. We got some great news, however. That news was that Rachey's renal scan came back showing there was no obstruction in the kidney. Also, the pediatric urologist thought that the grade one reflux, was only a small concern and was caused by learned potty behavior.

I was greeted by a resident and a medical student and grilled extensively. As the resident was leaving, she said that my middle girl showed no signs of kidney obstruction, but that they might want to do a urological function test (or some such thing). Then, the pediatric urologist came in and pretty much told me that this was all a learned potty behavior and that they needed me to do timed voids (which I pretty much was already doing) and I needed to put her back on Miralax. Miralax was a nightmare for us before. Anyhow, after my questioning of him about this (and after me having tears) his response was that 'I obviously had a lot on my mind and I could consider doing the Miralax after a while, when things calmed down in my life' (i.e. when I was no longer pregnant). I guess, he may be right about the whole of what to do, however. They have a slightly more refined protocol than the regular pediatrician and urologist did for treating her bowel and bladder issues. But, before when I was doing this, we had many, many accidents. But, there is more to the protocol, such as timed voids and feeling her stomach to make sure she relaxes when she goes. I so hope this fixes my daughter's issues altogether, kidney and potty training alike and that I don't go through what I went through before with my middle girl on Miralax.

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