Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Friendships are always a big struggle for me. On one hand, I feel rejected a lot by others. On the other hand, I know I don't always do the necessary, socially expected things to make and keep friendships (calling, bringing things over to others, being the one to say hi when seeing someone I know in public, etc.). Anyhow, Kimmie @ Over The Moon With Joy has written about struggling with friendships as well. It got me thinking and here is what I wrote to Kimmie. This is where my heart is at in regards to friendships. I hope I make an effort to become a better friend to others in the future.

Friendships are hard. Especially for introverts and especially for creative types. I think sometimes too we have such false beliefs about our friendships (as women) - that this friend is to be this, this, and this for me. Maybe it is only God's plan for her to be this one thing for me. And maybe, being my personality, that I know doesn't tend to make friendships easily, maybe I need to not think more realistically and not think every friendship I have to get back exactly what I give. Maybe God has called me to give more than I recieve and be OK with that. And to realize that what I give won't always be appreciated, but I serve as unto the Lord, anyhow. Also, maybe I need to realize, God put this friend in my life, only to fill this small little area and as I yield to him he'll reveal other friends in my life to fill these other areas. Ultimately, I am so thankful to God to allow me to spend my life with my best friend, my husband, anyhow. And while my husband doesn't fill every need (and sometimes I freak out about that), he fills the really deep needs and God provides for other needs as I yield to him and allow myself to give to others freely. Well, just rambling about my own experience. I look forward to reading more about what your are learning in this area. My prayers are with you.


Elisabeth said...

I have struggled with shyness my whole life. Most people that meet me now do not realize that I am shy but it's because I have to WORK at it constantly. It certainly can be a strain!

I, too, am not good with friendships although I have many that I am close to. I don't call people and stay in touch that way and I think that's a biggie with people.

My husband is the opposite. He's very people friendly and because of him I've probably have had thousands stay at my house since we were married 20 years ago (I'm not joking).

I agree with you that we must give out to people not expecting anything in return. It can be very hard but if we do it as unto the Lord, the rewards will follow. As we become what the Lord wants us to be, we become more attractive to people. Like bees to honey.


Canadagirl said...

I appreciate this post. I will try to come back and comment more when I am not SO tired. But I did want to come give a cyber ((HUG))

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><