Tuesday, August 3, 2010

June & July

Well, since I haven't been doing much blogging lately, so I thought I would share with you some of thoughts as chronicled on Facebook so far this summer.


"It actually looks like it's raining right now, but I think it's just the fog falling out of the sky. I love these days when it is foggy in the morning and it burns off to sunshine by the afternoon. Now, how to start my day? I have a little time before heading off with Rachey."

"My parents were down in the area at a dog show. They came over and we got to have dinner with them. It was a nice evening. The girls are always fighting over who gets to sit next to Grandpa. They like his teasing."

Me: "You know when the baby comes he's going to get all the attention." My oldest: "Yeah, right now you and my little sister get all the attention."

I'd like to make it to the NW Quilting Expo this year. We'll see. Lots of sewing classes for creative, easy projects that aren't quilting.

NW Quilting Expo

"My husband took the older three hiking. I've just got my cute little one now. Maybe I will actually get around to sewing a nursing cover for Baby. My old one is pink. Nursing covers are way better than blankets."

"Heading off to art and violin. My kids favorite day of the week. Soon, they will have to take a two month break from activities, as we prepare and welcome our new family member. I hope they survive."

"We tried a one night camping trip. Didn't go too badly. Of course, my husband did all the setup and meal prep, etc. for his pregnant wife...and pampered me with LOTS of padding and pillows. We love camping, so I'm happy we were able to do something together this summer."

"I must say I am thoroughly enjoying my summer. I think it should be this time of year all year round. Of course, we must also have ample water with which to garden and play."

My Littlest Girl - "Ice Nean, Dachel. We're going to Ice Nean." Dachel (my middle one- later) - "The fudge (hot fudge) tastes sour because I put it on my sour taste bud."

Here's a neat website I found. It features all types of campgrounds and you can search by location, type, and facilities...easily. For Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Campground Search

Beautiful day, and my neck is thrown out, and I can't take advil because I'm pregnant. Stupid me, I was showing my husband all the stretches to do and not doing them every day myself.

I'm in shock. My really contrary lately toddler walked straight to her room and climbed in her bed when I told her it was time for nap. What's up with that? I like it though.

I'm beat. A full day - first housecleaning, then gardening.

We planted between 50 and 100 corn and bean plants and we got about three each that came up. And we planted two weeks late! What a year. Starts are struggling too. But, the raspberries are HAPPY.

Our little boy has taken to want to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and do a bunch of aerobics. I think I may end up sleep deprived with this one, but I can't wait to meet him.

My littlest one's toddlerese..."I'm not coming"="I don't know where it is"...and..."Mommy, baby's not in your tummy."

We went to Mt. St. Helens today. I forgot my camera. Too bad, it was so beautiful. An amazing place - a real testament to God's majesty. We go about once a year. I always want to go on Hummocks trail. Not this year!

Rachey went for her Urologist appt. today. Since there is a slight change in her one kidney, we were given a referral to Pediatric Neurology at Doernbecher and doing the VCUG (for reflex) and nuclear scan within the month. She only has one kidney so they are being vigilent.

Was out at a dr. appt. this morning, far away from home in Clackamas and stopped in here for lunch. Much to my surpise, bread like my homemade bread, but better. Perhaps it's a good thing there isn't one in my neighborhood, or I'd be tempted not to make bread. Way better than Dave's Killer Bread and it's fresh. Yumm.

Strawberry beds my husband made for me. Ditch, pipe, and hose is for drip irrigation. Jon's planting the strawberry plants as I speak. We bought new ones because the June bearing and the weeds took over all the everbearing.


"Had a good weekend hanging around with the girls and their Dad (my honey) all weekend. So thankful my girls have such an involved and solid Dad to look up to. On Saturday he put in our new strawberry beds, so it'll be easier to keep our strawberries weed free."

"Anyone else can't help but laugh when you send your older toddler to time out and they do the little stompy dance, but go nonetheless?"

"I took my nine year old to an Orchestra concert tonight. Her first real Orchestra concert. I asked her how she liked it, she said she loved it. She never uses the word "love" to show enthusiasm. My 6 y.o. with ants in her pants wanted to go, but I told her it would be a bit long for her. In the end she was happy since Dad got her Choc. Ice Cream."

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