Monday, March 21, 2011

Homeschooling On The Weekend

I always have to remind myself when I become discouraged about homeschooling. I don't do these neat projects with my kids. We don't dress up as revolutionary war heroes or pretend to be Thomas Edison. Sometimes we'll color in and label a map about a book we've been reading, but we don't study everything about that place. We don't make flags to document our travels. We do no cooking representing the Ancient Roman civilization. We don't make circuit boards or do lots of hands on science experimenting.

But, my kids love learning. They love writing stories. They love Math. They love learning new vocabulary. They love telling me about the weather. They love finding out that mice are born naked and are mammals just like us and that they nurse their young. They love playing their violin or playing around on the piano. They love playing with blocks and putting the blocks in patterns. They love keeping score on board games. They love art. They love learning about nature by being out there with it or on the farm. My kids love being read to. They love to read the Bible. They love to memorize poems. doesn't stop just because it's the weekend. When we have down time. My kids might ask for a video. But, if I say no, or when the video is done, they show a love of learning and keep writing, doing math, asking me about how things work, asking me how to spell such and such and what does this word mean.

My kids are great kids, despite all of my shortcomings. And homeschooling works. I need to remember that.

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