Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playing With Toys

Everything has been going well around here regarding school...

However, we seem to be on round two of the chest cold we've had for six weeks. This must be a new virus because the kids...mostly the baby and the toddler...have a new, full-blown round of nasal and chest congestion. They never really got over the previous chest congestion. I'm hoping I've already had this because I was feeling sick for a few days about a week ago.

Snow came and went around here and never really amounted to much, but did keep us home from activities because of when it hit and the impact on our road. We were back to classes today despite the baby being sick. He did alright going out, but was very grumpy when we got home.

For school we've gotten in groove lately. The girls have changed how they've done vocabulary lately. I'm surprised they like it because it is extra work for them. They've been highlighting or writing down words they don't know in their school reading and looking them up in the dictionary and writing down a definition they can understand. We're using mostly Robinson curriculum this year and they have pre-written definitions for them to memorize. This is just a slight variation. I've been studying grammar from Robinson's source, as well as online sources...trying to solidify how I'm correcting their writing. I think we'll start reading some of the rules together. I'm really not into diagramming sentences or the like for grammar. I never learned from that... Yet, it seems to me that to teach writing to my children we need to know more than what we learn from good writing (the Charlotte Mason way). So, that is one area I'm working on right now.

I wanted to share this picture of how my oldest daughter arranged her animals she was playing with today. Some of their farm experiences, as well the influence of the many nature videos we watch are coming out I think.


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