Friday, May 13, 2011

My Three Year Old

My cute, adorable three year old gets a little neglected around here. She is loved and she gets her share of attention. But, she isn't the baby anymore. Yet, she isn't old enough to participate in all the fun things her older sisters get to chores. She wants to do it all and be a part.

Today, while driving around in the van...taking her sisters to their art class..."Mommy, can you buy another child? Not the baby kind...another girl like me?" Looking around the van to figure out where her new friend would sit, she says, "She'll sit in my seat, on my lap, and I'll hold on to her tight."


1 comment:

julie said...

I love it....I sometimes want to ask the same thing...can I have another mommy in the house?
Kiss that sweet 3 year old head and tell her there is a lady in Fla who feels the same way!!