Saturday, April 30, 2011

What If?

I had a new thought.

Well, not really a new one, but I put my thoughts together into a new one.

What if...

What if I didn't try and constrain my children to learn, but encourage them?

What if I didn't try and constrain my husband to serve and to fellowship with the family, but encourage him?

What if I took time for myself...time to nourish myself...time for me to be creative...time for me to have fellowship?

What if I learned to say no, prayerfully, but without the listing of reasons, without guilt...whether to my children, my husband, or the world.

What if I purposed to enjoy each day in a nourishing way...don't be afraid to live life to it to the fullest, but purpose to eat well, move well, pray well, play well.

What if I unplug? A lot. What if I give up? A little. What if?

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