Saturday, April 2, 2011


It is Spring here, but it is a typical Spring for Northwest Cascade Foothills. In other words rain, rain, rain. I really don't remember a day without rain. It seems unbelievable to me. Sometimes I'd really like to live somewhere a little less rainy. As all North Westerners will tell you, though, summers are beautiful.

I also feel like I could maybe squeeze in a little exercise if it would only stop raining. I'm not sure if I've been fighting depression here lately, or just feeling tired, but exercise, either way, would surely help.

My husband is working on a weight loss goal right now. He wants to climb Mt. Adams in the fall. I, am not that kind of a hiker, but I'm looking forward to hiking season. Family hikes are the best. I haven't really joined him on the weight loss goal so far. It's sooooo hard to diet when nursing. Between the appetite and the limitation of dieting when it comes to keeping one's milk supply up, it's challenging. Yet, with him keeping his eating in check, especially the lack of (semi) nightly desserts, maybe I will lose just even without doing much of a diet, just with a little exercise. After all, two pounds of weight loss a month, right now, while I'm nursing would be ideal.

My husband and I went down to the barn tonight. We had a calf born that we've been working to keep healthy. The calf was born small (which is good). But, it seems, perhaps the Mom doesn't have good maternal instincts and walked away from the calf a lot the first night. We have her penned now. She spins a lot in the pen too. The calf got scours and so we've been giving him a salt water solution through a tube. Well, mainly my husband has been doing that. The calf is so friendly though. They get like that when they are handled a lot as a calf. I hope he stays tame after we let him out in the field. It's been totally hard rain here lately, so we are going to be a little slow releasing him to the field.

When we were in the barn there was a little barn swallow flying over my head. I was up on the hay stack, so the little gal was flying like two feet over my head. Those birds just fascinate me. I've never been able to get a good picture of one...they are always on the move. In the summer, sometimes we have about 30 plus swallows flying over the cattle swooping down to eat bugs. They are so beautiful.

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