Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sick Once More

I'm sick once more. So far, a sinus cold this time. I watched it coming as each of my children, then my baby, were sick. What else could happen, but that I would succumb? Holding a sick, runny nosed baby day in, day hugs to each of my girls...

We are sick altogether too much. And, really, we eat pretty well. I make homemade bread. We eat whole grains and lots of fruits and veggies. Still we are sick. I think maybe it's genetic (I was always sick a lot as a kid), or a genetic or learned tendency to touch everything and then touch our faces. Sharing the germs of two households when my step-daughter comes doesn't help, I know. Then, maybe we shouldn't ever go out in public. Yet, my girls adamantly don't want to cut one thing from their schedule.


Holly said...

awww, Cathy-I'm so sorry you're all sick again! I understand! My family is getting over a cold now, too. We had it over the weekend & beginning of this week, but everyone seems to be feeling better now. I surprisingly did not get it, but I started garglign with seasalt water every 2 hours when it hit. I think it might have helped!
Praying you all feel better very quickly! And thanks for the comments at my blog-I love your comments! Holly

Carol G said...

I'm sorry you've succumbed. I pray you are feeling better already.