Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This last weekend was Palm Sunday and we got together with my husband's family.

It seems all weekend was devoted to that, as I spent a long time making pies. My husband is not one for hanging out inside with the kids. And, since the only boy is an infant and the girls aren't thrilled with the cold and the wet, often I am inside with all the kids on the weekend. The funny thing is I don't mind so much during the week. It feels like that's my job. But, on the weekend, it feels like I should get down time too. It doesn't always happen. My husband means well and offers to take the kids outside with him a lot, but he is just not an inside man.

However, on Saturday, I did make it to Joann's during a big sale. So, I now have lots of fabric for lots of sewing projects.

I made a ruffle skirt for my three year old girl recently.


I did it using my serger and a gathering foot. It wasn't as easy as I thought since the first time around I was plagued with a) tension that didn't hold the layers together and b) serging on the wrong side of the fabric. The second time around I managed to keep my errors more "fixable". I gathered the wrong piece of fabric. The gathers were on both side of one strip of fabric...but...you can barely tell. I also managed to sew the inside seam (that occurs from piecing strips together) on the outside of the skirt (I sewed a decorative stitch over it). In the end I ended up with a simple, really cute skirt. And, I could sew tons of these skirts in a pretty quick amount of time, if only I could get a handle on all my technique issues.

I now have some fabric that I could do that with. The older girls all want skirts. These are the kinds of skirts that you just can't find in the stores.

Here are a couple of cousin pictures.



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