Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We've Been Doing Well

We've been doing well lately. We had our moments of sickness and such (I threw my back out for a week once here recently). But, lately things have been going smoothly.

My eight year old, for instance, just had major success on division. Division! She's not my child that things come easy to, but we've stuck with it and she's had success. We've also been figuring some things out for her handwriting. I switched her to practicing cursive. I started some occupational therapy from online sources. And, I think she's left handed! She's doing better since switching her. I have an adult friend who is ambidextrous and she said to get her typing - that this made schoolwork bearable for her son. So, I'm teaching her to type. We'll still be working on handwriting, because I want people to be able to read her handwriting when she writes them, but there is a big sigh of relief.

Weather wise it's been dreary here lately. I can't wait for Spring. I'm praying for some times of dry weather. I planted some Arugula and peas in my greenhouse and I should be starting other starts soon.

We've had two news calves born so far this Spring. We have six more to go. They are cute. That's good. Calving hasn't been too bad this least neither needed to be pulled, although they did need a little doctoring here and there.


My little son is now 19 months old. I love him. He's a joy to all of us. He's a mellow little guy with big muscles. Just about the only time he gets mad is when we put the vacuum cleaner away. He wants to push that thing around the house endlessly. I hope he'll want to do that a little when he's older. He's also quite an artist. At least he runs to share in the art activities. And, so far, he writes with his left hand. Two lefties out of four kids?? My sister and mom were lefties.


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