Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Has Come & The Super Moon

Spring has come and now is almost over. Spring always seems really busy for us. As homeschoolers, there is always a lot of wrap up and pushing through towards our goals happening this time of year. At the same time, the weather is turning nice and we want to be outside.

Here recently, we got to experience a scientific event, really neat for the girls to experience. I know most of you got to experience it too. It was the super moon. I'm sure many of you got even neater views of the moon than I did. The moon here at our place came up over a hill. So, if we had a view of a flatter horizon, the moon would have appeared even bigger. But, it was pretty neat and pretty big, as big as I've ever seen. I do hope I get to see a moon like that sometime again in my lifetime. Here are my moon pictures, however. They were shot with my Canon 30D and my 70-200mm L 4.0 lens @ 200mm. I can only imagine having a really long lens for a shot like that.
moon_1 moon_2 moon_3 moon_4 moon_7 moon_8 moon_10 moon_11

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