Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coloring Pages

Color Pages

I was laughing at myself today. Yesterday I posted a blog where I gushed on about teaching children art by teaching them to follow specific steps or giving them an end product to copy. I cited coloring pages as an example of this. Then, what did I do today? I went to Mary Engelbreit and downloaded some coloring pages for my girls to do. In my own defense, I showed them how to make combinations of colors using watercolor pencils on the sheets. Anyhow, these worksheets are so cute - my girls love them.

Easter At Home

Almost our entire family was sick this weekend, including myself. So, we stayed home from church today, on Easter Sunday! But, we had our own Easter at home today. We hunted for Resurrection Eggs. Then we looked at what was in them (all symbols of Easter), including one that had nothing in it. The kids were very concerned about that one. (It is for the Empty Tomb.)  Then we read out of the Bible the Easter Story - talking about things that we noticed in the story. After this, Natalie says she wishes we could do the bread and cup part of the story. So, our whole family had communion. It was a special experience.

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