Friday, March 28, 2008

Just A Day

Well, this week was just a week, and today was just a day. I'm finally on the tail end of this cold, and today we got out of the house, which I haven't done in quite a while. It felt good.

I took my oldest daughter to her violin lesson, stopped by to see my husband at work, went on some errands, and then hung out as a family at work in the evening. We have our own business and it is a blessing and a sacrifice.  Our kids are great sports. We have special toys at work that they don't play with anywhere else. They are actually excited to go hang out there with us, and often don't want to leave.

We didn't get much exciting done this week. Mainly we read and did math and as always my girls did art. Tomorrow is Friday school, our homeschooling co-op, which my girls always look forward to. My oldest girl is taking Signing, Cooking, and Tea & Etiquette. I think Tea & Etiquette is her favorite since it is a group of girls sitting around a fancy table, having tea, talking about what they like. Here is a picture:

My middle girl is part of the Veggie Pirate Pre-K class. Here is a pic of that:

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