Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's Art

Art From Today

My kids are so creative. I am amazed at the ideas they come up with on their own. They have never read a craft book (well pretty much). They have never had an art class (so far). I give them lots of art supplies, so much so that I'm sure my husband must think I am obsessed with creativity or the arts sometimes. It's not that we neglect other areas. We do our math, our reading, our writing, our science, and sometimes even our history (we'll catch up on that). But we have lots of art supplies, we listen to music, and Art Girl plays the violin. They enjoy it. So far, I think it's been a blessing in their lives and mine - even on the days when they make a little too much mess and it inconveniences me.

Here are some pictures of some of what they did today. These projects they did on their own, and they cleaned up when they were done.

Cap Craft For Baby

My oldest girl made up this craft for her baby sister - it's a bonnet or cap.

Bonnet Craft

Art Girl made up this craft for herself - it is her bonnet or cap. I think she looks just sweet.

Paper Plate Craft

My middle girl made up this craft.

Napkin Art

My oldest girl decorated one of our napkins by filling in the raised areas with pen. I think it looks lovely. A great and super easy craft idea to keep kids busy.


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