Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's Be Real

I don't know about you, but I love having conversations with other moms where they tell me the reality of their days. I love knowing the nitty gritty - that their house is in disarray, that they didn't get through their curriculum this year, that they only spend two hours a day on actual schoolwork, that they were short tempered with their kids, etc.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm sure some people take me the wrong way. I can remember one particular instance, when I said to a mom, "really you only school two hours a day, now I don't feel so bad." I'm sure I looked happy. I have an inability to hide anything I am feeling.

And I just hope she didn't take me wrong. It's not that I'm thinking, "All right, you do an awful job, I feel superior!" I'm just thinking, "Here is this mom that I really respect, with respectful, obviously smart kids who read really well, and she seems to have it all together, but in reality she is just spending two hours a day on actual schoolwork. Maybe I didn't totally drop the ball this last year."

Well, here is a picture for all of you. I wish I would have thought of taking this picture before I did. My seven and nine year old were away at Day Camp today, and my four year old got some special attention. However, in the middle of that special attention, I did get on the internet and wasn't paying the greatest attention to the progress she was making on her art project. That is until she came to me with globs of paint all over her hands and said, "look at me Mommy". A picture of her hands would have been a priceless picture. The table I take a picture of here, was taken after I already started to clean it up.

THIS is my reality of daily homeschooling:


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