Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful For My Husband's Safety

Well, we have been up to a lot actually. But, I want to start today with a cool testimony about God's providence. My husband has been doing a lot of haying - to put up hay for the cattle for the Fall, Winter, Spring. His brakes were partially failing after the second day of haying. So, he had a friend mechanic replace his front brakes. He never had him look at his back brakes.

Well, Jon, my husband, (along with his crew of 3 others) got 35 ton of grass/clover hay up in the barn during those two days. But, Jon wanted 5-10 ton of plain grass hay up in the barn as well. So, this was the third hay day (well fourth if you count the day Jon unloaded 5 ton of hay by hand). He was getting up at four in the morning (which is real early for us, we usually get up at eight or even nine). He woke up at 2:30 in the morning and prayed as he figured God was waking him up to pray. He kept feeling God tell him to pray for the safety of his haying team.

This morning as Jon went to pick up the haying team, his back brakes completely failed and lost all hydraulic pressure. Once he looked at the brakes - there was nothing left of them - no brake pad, the hydraulic thingy totally burst, and the rotor thingy was totally worn away. If that had happened when he had a trailer full of hay, it could have been bad. Here are some pics. The first three are the bad brakes, the fourth is the new brake being installed.

Busted Brakes


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