Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Sunny Day! Sort Of

It was another sunny day. Well, sort of. It was bright and sunny here at our house. But when my daughters and I drove just a short distance away to go to our nature walk, it was mostly foggy. I liked the effect, however. Do you? Which is your favorite photo of the day?

This is the same river of two days ago - different falls. No salmon this time, but an equally compelling place to visit.

I love the fog effect of this photo.

My girls on a walkway.

Do you think there is a bird in that hole?

"Can we go to the calm water so we can skip rocks?"

The Falls. It was really roaring. I had the toddler in the front pack, so I couldn't really climb to a good angle to show the impressiveness of the falls.

Natalie says she just wants it to be a Spring day that is sunny and that she wants to spend the entire day going on a nature hike. What a girl!

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