Tuesday, January 20, 2009


One of the reasons I started writing a blog in the first place was to have a place to easily set down memories and milestones for our family. So, I share two memories from today.

The first memory is of my baby Abigail. She is really almost 15 months, but she is still so much a baby. I pulled her up to sit with me and to read to her on the couch today. She picked up one of her sister's books - the ones we try and keep her away from because they aren't board books and she wears them out very quickly. She starts turning the page on the books and each time she turns the page she says, "la la la." Isn't that just cute? She knows you turn to a page and you talk, then you turn to another page, then you talk again.

The second memory is going on a walk with Natalie down to the barn to see the calf, and then down to the far end of our property, while the other girls were napping. Natalie was pretending to be an eagle - which is a popular theme of her play right now. She would hop up on rocks and flap her wings and try and make an eagle sound. She showed me her eagle nest she had made. She brought her new "eagle egg" over to her nest with her talons. Then, as we approached the barn she almost forgot about the calf, she was so wrapped up in being an eagle. The calf was cute as always. I went into the pen and pet her, which she seemed to enjoy. Her mom didn't, however, she was bawling at me. I hope we can keep this calf tame like the one we had last year. Then we went on down to the "pond". It was soooo blustery and I'm guessing about 40-45 degrees - so it felt really cold even with my warm winter coat on. I was wishing I had brought my gloves.

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