Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It was a sunny day!

It was a sunny day today. And, it is supposed to be followed by several more. That's a big deal during the winter around here. I am sharing with you some of our photos from the day. The first is a picture of Rachel in the sun shining in through the windows. The latter ones are from our trip to Lucia Falls. We last took our camera to Lucia Falls in October and my how different it is right now after all the large amounts of snow, then rain that we got here in the Northwest.

Rachel's Puppet - she has red glitter glue for the mouth, Rachel wanted me to make sure I told everyone that.

Here is a picture of Lucia Falls from October. This is a lot more water than in the summer. Below I show you Lucia Falls today. It was beautiful. I wish I had a tripod and a little more light than I had. The salmon were out.

It's all one falls now. If you look closely you can see a salmon trying to jump up the falls. I love the color of the water. Don't you?

Here is a closer up shot of the salmon. Aren't they persistent?

Lucia Falls from above the falls.

Rachel & Natalie walking by the river.

This is Natalie telling me that if she were to climb rocks, she wouldn't choose a winter day to do it on. She says this because she is feeling cold because she chose to stomp in ice cold water with her tennis shoes.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip!

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