Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Week


I feel challenged this week for some reason with the state of affairs in our nation and therefore in our economy. Some weeks, I feel full of faith and see things from more of an eternal perspective. At other times I feel challenged moving ahead.

Our Farm

We planted our garden last weekend. The automatic watering has been going every other day and we look forward to seeing starts. Jon moved both sets of cows this week to new pastures. He also spent a day picking up hay and reorganizing the barn.

At Home And About

The girls signed up for a new soccer program and they really seem to like it. It is very structured and they keep them busy. Also, they tell them when they aren't paying attention, also when they need to move faster. This is Rachel's first time in a soccer program, but she's been wanting to do one for a long time. Natalie really loves soccer, but hasn't been doing that great on her team. I think her team just sort of wrote her off because she tends to space out. In this program they don't LET her do that. And she loves it.

We went to dance on Tuesday. I was pleased to hear that they are planning on keeping the studio open next year. It is a Christian studio that teaches Classical ballet and my girls just love it, so I am very pleased. The director of the studio is moving away, so we were concerned about the future of the program.

We also went to violin this week, which Natalie goes to every other week.


We went to see one of the waterfall near our house this week and were able to see the salmon jumping up the falls.


I started out the week with the house being behind because of the all the gardening and outdoors activities from the long weekend and I just kept falling behind all week. But, last night and this morning, I and the girls put the house in order. They kept asking if they could play and I kept telling them that the house wasn't all the way clean yet. I think sometimes I end up doing everything because I feel guilty about asking them to help much. I'm not sure why.

In The Schoolroom

I can't really remember much about school, other than to say we continued with what we have been doing. The Burgess Bird Book, Parables Of Nature, Discovery Of New Worlds, Free Reading, Copywork, Saxon Math, God's Design For Plants. Rachel worked on Abeka worksheets and read some.


Our Business

I didn't make it into work during the week this week. But, Jon and the girls and I headed there for a bit today. I didn't get actual tasks done, so that is hard for me. I am trying to learn more Photoshop and move ahead with some marketing things I haven't done before and new things are hard to wrap my brain around sometimes, especially when all the girls are with me.


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