Monday, May 11, 2009

My Week

My Weekly Wrapup May 3-May 9, 2009


I'm just desiring to get well and wanting to get into my Bible reading and have daily prayer and worship with the girls. I feel pretty weak right now, but you know...when I'm weak He is strong. :)

Our Farm

I planted some tomatoes in my greenhouse this week and I've been researching planting strategies for all the vegies. I lost my melon starts on Saturday when it got quite warm and we left for the morning and early afternoon and I forgot to uncover those starts.

Our little calf is doing great and all the calves are cute as can be. We have a bull here too. His owner said he is real mellow, but he's medium on the scale to us. He looks at us nervously when we go in the field with him and circles his girls, but leaves us alone and doesn't signal us in any agressive way. Still, the Pinzgauer bull we had was as mellow as a pet. I like that mellow trait of the Pinzgauers. This bull is a Black Angus.

Our Home & Health

Well, I originally thought this cold I had was a mild cold. But, it's a doozy. It's pretty much affected me in all the common ways - sore throat, sneezing, coughing, tired, etc. Anytime a cold goes in my chest, it's a big deal to me since I've got asthma. I just want to be well and this thing is dragging on.

The kids still seem a little run down, but are a lot better this week.

In The Schoolroom

Ah, well, Rachey is moving ahead reading and understanding reading rules and math concepts. Natalie just finished Saxon Math 2 and I'm thinking of starting Saxon Math 3 or starting some kind of hands-on math. She's been continuing with science. We've been studying birds and plants and she's been reading her Human Body textbook - learning about skin most recently. She's been re-reading the Trumpeter Swan book this week. Also, we finished Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. We've had a chapter left to read on that for some time now. We've read Trial and Triumph, the Education of Patience Goodspeed, and Fifty Famous Stories Retold. She's continued her copywork from the Bible and from the Handbook Of Nature Study. I feel like I'm treading water with school right now. But, there will be better days ahead I know.

Here is a cute picture of my littlest cutie for you:


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