Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Week

Our Week May 10-May 16, 2009

Home & School

There was just not much to tell from this week which was different from last week in our life, except for the beautiful weather this weekend. It was gorgeous, blue skies and warm, but not too hot, and we spent time gardening. During this last week, I have still been fighting a cold, which went down in my chest. Yet, by the end of the week, it moved away from my chest, so that was good. We went ahead with reading, copywork, math, science. We spent some time outdoors. I didn't get in much Bible reading, but I was encouraged by some of the reading about people of faith that I did with Natalie. In particular we read about Francis of Assisi today. What a powerful prayer he wrote.

Natalie (as well as Mariah from her school) was very interested in Pilgrim's Progress this week. We have a condensed version and she has been asking to read it to me. Mariah has been learning about Pilgrim's Progress at her school too and is a great story teller and was busy telling the other girls the story this weekend.

Rachey has really been moving along in her reading and her phonics. Even in make pretend play, she voluntarily wrote out her alphabet with chalk and only got one letter backwards.

We went to dance this week, as well as violin.

Our Farm

My first tray of starts keeps growing. My second and third trays haven't popped up except for that which I lost. I need to get fertilizer on my tomatoes. It is supposed to be sunny coming up and I hope to do lots of weeding this weekend.

Our calf, Little Ann, continues to do well and she and the male black calf let me pet them. The laying hens continue to grow, but not at the same rate as those Cornish Cross. Those things are crazy. They are little chicks and they are FAT! Chicks really have to be grain fed at the beginning, but we haven't medicated them and plan on pasture feeding them before they are made into meat.

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