Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today was one of those near perfect days for me. What makes a perfect day, you ask?

Well, first you get to sleep in a bit without any chickens (or husbands) waking you up early. Then, you have the presence of mind to delegate a chore to each of your girls when you first get up, in separate rooms of course, and they actually get that chore done. Then, your oldest (but not the oldest of the group), who got her chore done quite fast asks if she can make breakfast for you. Yes, of course! The answer actually is not always of course, as I have to help her with the baking powder mixture we use, and usually end up flipping pancakes at the end. Then, you have the presence of mind to ask the oldest of the group, having just finished her chore, if she'd like to turn the pancakes. Of course she would. Yeah. In the meantime, your husband has loaded the dishwasher up for you (and the unloading was already done by someone else). You get the floors vacuumed (which already got picked up by someone else)...and your weekend starts with the house somewhat clean.

Then you head outside and water your plants and weed your flower garden. You are kind of mopey about your husband asking you to use the F350 to pull the tractor out of the pond at the bottom of the property. But, your husband doesn't give you a hard time about it. Then, your husband seems willing for you to go out and get some compost for your flowers and some craft things for your little girls. You feel bad you were so mopey and agree to "try" help him rescue his tractor. Your older girls watch the baby in their room while you go and rescue your husbands tractor. You successfully rescue your husband's tractor and it hardly takes any time at all. Your middle girl shows you the house she made out of sticks down on the lower end of the property, and she is as proud as could be about it.

On the way back up your husband tells you he wants to go with you to get the compost because he just likes to be with you. You get all teary-eyed. You head back to the house and dishes are unloaded by oldest of the group, and baby is well taken care of by her older sister - playing happily in her room. You make a caeser salad with chicken for lunch and "almost" everyone raves about it. You go out and get the hand-sewing needles for your girls to finish their stuffed animal dogs. (A needle was lost, which isn't good...but that was another day.) You go out with your husband and get the craft stuff. In the meantime he doesn't have to wait for you too long at Joann Fabrics because he goes and fills the propane tank. Then, you go get some Starbucks and go get a yard of compost for those clay flower beds you have. You get home, husband unloads it for you. (Can you tell I'm thrilled with my husband today?) You make a quick, but loved dinner while your husband is tilling the garden getting rid of the weeds between the rows. The kids come in and eat. Your husband comes in later. The kids aren't too terribly hard to get in to bed (because they are exhausted). And, did I mention that today the weather is just perfect for you? Warm, but not too hot to work outside all day.


Oh, on top of that, this wasn't today, but (sorry no pic yet), a calf was born in the field a couple of days ago and you got to see it running along side it's Momma, swishing it's tail today.

Well, God is still good, even when days don't work out like today, but it sure was a nice day.


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