Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Date With My Husband & Our Garden


Today my husband and I had a date. Yes, a date. But, today our date was at home. We had a babysitter come over and he and I worked in the garden together. We love working in the garden together. Just like we love hiking together. But, with baby Abigail, it's been downright difficult to get garden time in. The only time I have is her nap. If she is up, and I take her in the garden, well, she puts dirt in her mouth. And, generally she is fussy. So, it was really nice to get to the garden, and my hubby and I got to do so together, without anyone saying, "mom, can I...".

A Garden Tour

I took you all on a tour of my garden here in June. So, now I take you on a tour of my garden now in September.


Garden Bounty


Strawberries & Broccoli Gone To Seed



Our Spring was very cold and we got a late start. Our corn was short this year, but finally we are getting some ripe heads.

Carrots, Lettuce Gone To Seed, & Yellow Beans

We had yellow beans and green beans this year. Unfortuneately, we haven't been very good about keeping up with them. These beans on the ground are the overripe ones. I picked about three overripe beans for every one rip bean today.

Pumpkins & Squash

Aren't those vines big???

A Pumpkin To Be

Did you know FRESH Sugar Pumpkins make absolutely the best Pumpkin Pie? Just cook them in the oven like any other squash and then puree the cooked flesh - and use it like you would canned pumpkin.

I actually got some Grapes this year.


Grape Vines



God has been faithful to care about the small things in our lives this fall. The Spring was very cold. Our garden was delayed big time. Yet, we were able to get a new garden watering system in (which our plants REALLY liked). And, this September we have had very warm weather, allowing us to be able to finish some crops that otherwise wouldn't have finished this year, and allowing us to get a little more summer in. I'm hoping my tomatoes will still turn red.

Asian Pears




A Lone Red Pear


Raspberries Up In A Trellis

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