Monday, September 29, 2008

How I Become Way Too Busy

I am very busy right now. I think I have a tendency to always be too busy. How do I always manage to be so busy? Between doctor's appointments, and putting in time at our business, and getting together with other moms, and Natalie's violin lesson, and the girls dance class, and soccer, and finally trying to steal some time away for myself --- I'm just way too busy!

It's hard to do school. Not because I don't have the hours to do school - but because making dinner and cleaning house and planning for school all pull at me.

Right now there are two or three unique activities that should fade off.

The first is soccer. Soccer is three days a week. It's fun. I think it's relaxing to sit out there and watch my daughter play soccer. Natalie loves soccer and is really gaining self-confidence from it. But, it's a lot. I am torn back and forth over our future commitment to sports. It's so good for the kids, but what's not good for the kids is me being overwhelmed.

Girls all dressed up for soccer. The younger one doesn't actually play (yet), she just likes to get dressed up and practice with sister's team.

Secondly, I wanted to put some time into our business all summer, but babysitting and other scheduling issues didn't cooperate with us. Now, especially with the economy, our business could really use my help. Most things employees or my DH can do - but sometimes my husband just needs me in there for a short period to give my ideas and pour over our business website. I work on SEO (search engine optimization) stuff, give my input about products, and give my input about graphics. I could do more - but I REALLY, REALLY JUST want to be a SAHM. So we limit it. But right now I've been trying to get in there at least one evening a week.

The third is doctor's appointments. I've been putting them off. So now I scheduled a bunch within a two week period.

So, this is the 2nd week of the doctor's appointments. Next week is the last week of soccer. Then, I'm not sure how long I will try and keep putting time in at work, but hopefully I won't need to do that so frequently for too much longer.

But, my question is how do I make sure I don't overload myself when this time is over? Seasons are one thing. Ongoing busy-ness is another.


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Jennifer Hoots said...

That's impressive! I wish I could learn to sew. I find it is part intuition and I just don't have that!