Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Absent Minded Professor


I'm having a hard time not beating myself up over this one. Does anyone else do this? Do those of you that never do this, know that there are people like me that try REALLY hard and still do this?

I missed my daughter's dental hygienist appointment today. Ok, you big deal...everyone forgets things sometimes. No, you see, I forget things all the time. And I go to such lengths to not forget things.

I use Google Calendar now, which I JUST love. Check it out it. It would probably help lots of people with homeschool scheduling because you can easily manage multiple calendars at once. I digress though.

Her appointment was on my calendar though. It was there. I even looked at the calendar which I had printed out and posted on the fridge. On top of that, the dental office even called and left a message two days ago reminding me. But, I didn't remember. When did I remember? In the middle of the night when I was feeding the baby.

And, here are a couple of things about this appointment. This is a hygienest appointment with the local HMO. It takes a good two-three months to get an appointment. I had an appointment in the summer and had to cancel because Natalie had an activity she was doing. And, Natalie has teeth coming in that are blocked by baby teeth of the next set of teeth coming in. They may have wanted to pull a couple of teeth so they didn't come in too crooked. So, I'm not sure what to do. On top of that, Natalie knew she had an appointment coming up. I feel so horrible that she should pay the consequence for my inability to remember things.

So, maybe you are wondering, can't your husband help you to remember to look at your calendar? Well, he tries. And, as I said, I did look at my calendar. I just didn't see it for some reason. He tries my occasionally saying something like, "do you have things coming up on your calendar?" Alas, this often only adds to my confusion - or at least doesn't help me a whole lot because when he asks me that I feel my brain getting discombobulated.

Blogger Friend had a topic a few weeks ago about what your biggest struggle in homeschooling is. I would definitely add this to that struggle - the idea that I have trouble managing our schedule, our appointments. Yet, I know this is lie that the enemy would want me to believe. The truth is that I would struggle with this issue no matter what the schooling arrangement were. I'm still their mom and Mom still ends up being in charge of everyone's schedule.

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