Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Timelines & Toddlers

This is what happens to your timeline (that you just made) when you have a toddler. And, no, I cannot just use it the way it is.... And, no, I do not just let her grab the permanent marker...she is VERY good at getting into drawers, up on counters, in pen cups to find the permanent markers. I would have to keep all pens on top of the refrigerator. Oh, well... she is cute...


We got started with school starting yesterday. It is going well. It's so nice to have activities for the kids today, they are a lot more well behaved that way. So, even if school is more work for me, I'm not sure I come out too far behind. We worked on a map of where Gladys Aylward, missionary to China, traveled today. My kids are fascinated with maps, so they were thrilled. I've always wanted to do more map study, but was frustrated with the sources I could find. I found two this year that look to be good...Knowledge Quest Blackline Maps and Evan-Moor World Reference Maps.


I'm sure I'll tweak my schedule, so I'll keep you posted on how this year goes. Right now, no surprise, it looks like I need to tweak it slightly downward. But, the kids love having a schedule and switching activities and keeping lessons short. The only downside, I see to keeping lessons short, is when they are liking what they are doing. Sometimes something you've scheduled twenty minutes for takes an hour and really it is unhelpful to their love of learning to hurry them along.

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