Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I'm Trying To Do

This is what I'm trying to put together:

I'm trying to come up with booklists and also a 36-week schedule that will take a multi-student approach to a Charlotte Mason style learning program. The only real difference say of my 3rd grader and my 1st grader is that the 1st grader has a shorter attention span and cannot read the books herself. So, I limit the amount of material covered with my first grader and i do more read alouds with her. Including having her sister do some read alouds to her, which her sister really doesn't mind. This way, they can both cover one time period. In our case we are on 1600-1850 (Late Renaissance to Early Modern). I will try and pull only living, non-TWADDLE, non-repetitive, one-author books in. I will base my selections around Ambelside Online but also take other recommendations from Baldwins and from an Old Fashioned Eduction, as well as taking selections from Sonlight and Robinson. For science, we'll mainly be covering physical science - geography, astronomy that sort of thing. Although, as always, our nature walks will predominantly be our science focus (I hope). I've spend two days compiling booklists from the afore mentioned places and labeling them according to the time period they are applicable to. Wish me blessings. I want to have everything planned out BEFORE school starts this year and take the planning of future years at a slower pace than I have this year. At least I have a clear goal in mind now.

Blessings to you and your homeschool plans! What are you all doing? It's so neat to me how God leads each person in such a unique way. :)

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